Friday, May 23, 2014

Half Acre Brewery

Thanks to a fun morning spent at the Half Acre Brewery this past Friday, the day after a beer dinner pairing Maine Beer Co. and Half Acre beers at Hopleaf and upon the official release of Galactic Double Daisy Cutter, I had the chance to drink quite a few Half Acre beers (and some Maine beers as well). While Half Acre and Maine brewers were busy making a collaboration beer (a very hoppy pale ale) and nursing their hangovers, I was able to take a look around the brewery and sample some Galactic Double Daisy Cutter from the firkin in the tap room.

Half Acre has made a name for itself in and around Chicago for its hoppy beers, and the selection of beers described below are no exception to the hop-heavy rule.

Akari Shogun is an American Wheat Ale filled with Motueka hops clocking in at 5.5% ABV. Very hoppy aroma with hints of sweetness, has a hazy golden straw color. Hops hit your mouth immediately, followed by delicious refreshing wheat beer goodness. A perfect beer for the warm weather that has thankfully arrived in Chicago; it has become one of my go to summer beverages.                                                                      

Galactic Double Daisy Cutter will teach you what Galaxy hops taste like. As mentioned, I was able to sample some of this on its May 16th release date (brewed to coincide with Chicago Craft Beer Week) from a firkin. Later that evening, I drank a half pint out of a normal keg. It has a beautiful orange color, with strong citrus aromas and flavor. Did I mention that it's very hoppy?                                                                      

Pony Pilsner is another summer release. It's a German style pilsner that is both hoppy and crisp. 5.8% ABV. It pours with a decent head, has a light, golden color, and a nice, clean pils aroma. It's light-bodied and leaves just a touch of lingering hoppiness in its finish.

Golden Tuna is a great session pale ale at 4.7% ABV. It is incredibly well balanced and drinkable, with an upfront piney/citrusy hop profile that finishes nice and clean on the palate. I could drink Golden Tuna all day. This is a limited release ale, but is in consideration for becoming a Half Acre standard based on the positive response it has received.

I tried to review Bonestorm, which was on tap Monday at work. This is a black IPA with lots of pine notes. When I arrived Tuesday, the keg was already gone, suggesting it was a very good and popular beer. Good job Half Acre!

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