Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Brewer Showcase

Andersonville Brewing, aka Hamburger Mary's, hosted the New Brewer Showcase this evening as a part of Chicago Craft Beer Week. It was a pretty low-key event, but I attended to see what Slapshot and Bucket List would be offering. I was not disappointed.

Slapshot was pouring an English porter that was solid; filled with malted roastedness and plenty of coffee goodness.

Bucket List arrived with Hell Fire Club, which I had already had a chance to enjoy at Mash Tun's New Wave Brewers Bash in early May. This is a highly drinkable English brown ale, and I was happy to drink it again. However, I was really hoping to get a chance to taste Tai Hei, Bucket List's sublime white IPA. Sadly, it was not available; although I was not disappointed in any way by its replacement: Farm Team. Farm Team is a Belgian rye farmhouse ale (6.1%). The rye cuts the sweetness perfectly, meaning I could really drink a lot of this saison.

Bucket List is on my List of New Chicago Breweries to Watch