Friday, September 26, 2014

Pipeworks Brewing Paradisiac Imperial Wit

Clearing out my early summer stock of Pipeworks, I realized that I still had one of their Witbiers sitting in my fridge. Paradisiac is perhaps the least witty of Pipeworks' Wits of the spring and summer of 2014. This is an Imperial Wit (9% ABV) containing strawberry and kiwi. This beer drinks more like a pale ale than a wit, so they really took some liberties with the style, even by Pipework's normal standard of making weird beers. This batch was bottled at the end of June, for anyone who cares about such things.

Paradisiac is surprisingly clear, though still hazy. It's golden and has a big, long-lasting head. While it has an obvious Wit yeast aroma, this is about where the similarities with a Witbier end. It's very effervescent and has a very light to medium body. I suspect that Pipeworks went heavy on the pilsner malts. There is almost no hint of the adjuncts (coriander and orange zest, aka the usual suspects for a Wit); especially absent are the strawberry and kiwi. The finish is lingering bitterness (Falconner's hops). It's very refreshing, but not at all like a Wit.

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