Monday, September 22, 2014

The Best Thing I Swallowed on Sunday Episode 16

I know my multiple fans will be heartbroken, but I'm posting another truncated episode this week, without the fancy photographs to boot. Andersonville City Made Fest is to blame for my delinquency (Congratulations for carrying only locally brewed beers to the organizers!). This event brought a lot of people into the Hopleaf, and so I worked a few extra hours on Sunday night, cutting into my usual time for imbibing and photographing some beers. Not to mention, after bartending for several hours longer than normal this Sunday, I was mostly interested in drinking something more on the light and refreshing side. So it was a really convenient that Saison Dupont and Off Color's Apex Predator were on draft! These are both exception representations of the saison style and really hit the spot after helping so many others quench their thirst yesterday.

It's not often that Saison Dupont is on tap, so I couldn't resist having that as my first post-work beer. Out of the bottle, this beer pops like champagne. Off the tap, it is very lively, has a big head, and a light gold color. The aroma is a bit fruity. Saison Dupont has a light body that is quite dry, crisp, with a highly refreshing bit of tartness in the finish.

Since I have come to really appreciate the beers of Off Color, I thought it would be nice to follow up my Saison Dupont with Apex Predator by way of comparison. I must say that Apex Predator compares rather favorably with its venerable counterpart. Apex Predator is more hazy in appearance, but the flavor profiles, body, and deliciousness are quite similar in these two beers. Off Color's variation finished with a bit more sweetness, but it is dry and hoppy. I also appreciate that Off Color includes all the ingredients on its labels and website.

And with that, I conclude the latest episode of the Best Thing I Swallowed on Sunday. I shall endeavor to do better next week.

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