Thursday, October 2, 2014

Arcade Brewing Mega Milk Stout

I walked into my local beer shop a few weeks ago looking for milk stouts--the significant other is breastfeeding an infant, if you must pry into my personal affairs. Maybe it's just an old wive's tale, but she's been craving stouts ever since the baby arrived. She's been digging Left Hand's Milk Stout, but I wanted to see if there was anything else to drink. Lo and behold! I found something brand new and very local. Arcade Brewing (founded in 2011) officially launched in early September, although they are sharing space and equipment with Ale Syndicate. Mega Milk Stout is the third batch.

Mega Milk is a sessionable oatmeal milk stout that weighs in at 5.3% ABV. It is black chocolate in color, and the head is a bit cocoa colored as well. It has a lovely sweet, roasty malt aroma. The body is pleasingly light, and the flavor is initially sweet. Not overly so, but just right. There's just the perfect amount of bitter in the finish to round out what is a great example of a oatmeal or milk stout. Also, the significant other really, really likes this and wants more.

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