Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pipeworks Zombie Gnomes Smoked Saison

Another great saison from Pipeworks. I know everyone goes crazy for their DIPAs and their Abduction Series stouts, and with good reason. But I really appreciate the saisons brewed by Pipeworks. They really impressed me with Catch of a Lifetime, and kept the hits coming with North and Western and Poivre Vert. So I buy pretty much any Pipeworks' saison I see.

My first reaction with tasting Zombie Gnomes (8% ABV) was "this is awesome." It has the classic saison look (although this style certainly is up for grabs these days). It's golden, effervescent and has a persistent foamy head. There's also the beautiful aroma of slightly sweet saison yeast with just a trace of smokiness.

Zombie Gnomes is light and dry. There's really great balance between the sweet, fruity start, the smokiness, and the hoppy finish. The smoke lingers slightly, but does not overpower the beer. While not as interesting as some of their other saisons, Zombie Gnomes is really well done and might be a good introductory beer for those interested in a less intense smokey sensation.

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