Friday, October 24, 2014

Pipeworks Brewing Co A Midsummer Night Apricot Pale Ale

I'm somewhat tardy in cracking open this apricot pale ale. I beg your forgiveness, my failings are manifold. Midsummer Night was obviously meant for the rare hot day of this recently deceased summer; so perhaps I'm drinking this bottle as a lament to the summer that hardly was. Fall has arrived, Halloween is upon us, and soon the days will be short. This pale ale has a slightly hazy, golden color with a nice head with tiny bubbles. Very persistent carbonation and head. 8.5% ABV. This is exactly what a pale ale should look like. Fruity aroma of apricots is in the nose. At 8.5% ABV, the high alcohol content of this beer is immediately noted. But that's kinda one of Pipeworks' things, making big pale ales that go down way too easy. Very drinkable light to medium--almost creamy--body. It's so drinkable that I finished my bomber before I realized or had a chance to share it. Initially, the citrusy hops are very prevalent, almost to the point of burying the dried and pureed apricot. The fruit only becomes evident after a few more sips. Very bitter (citric acid) pale ale with a light malt body that gives off hints of apricot, before sending you off with a bitter finish.

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