Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pipeworks Brewing Co. A Foolish Wit

Pipeworks (Chicago, IL) A Foolish Wit (8% ABV).

Storm clouds were gathering, bringing the promise of cooler temperatures. Yet the release failed to materialize. Instead, I sought solace in a bottle of Pipeworks latest Wit, the perfect beer for a hot summer's eve (Note: this beer is not to be confused with a feminine hygiene product) whilst grilling spicy sausage. For a nice change, Pipeworks did not stray far from the style of the Belgian Witbier. This beer had the look, head, aroma, and flavor of a classic Belgian Wit, which was just the thing for sitting on the deck, hoping for rain to break the heat. Belgian Wit yeast gives this style a hazy wheaty appearance and a sweet, biscuity flavor. The addition of citrus and spices adds just the right acidity to balance the fruity sweetness of the yeast. Not a standout, but it's exactly what it's supposed to be and was the perfect refreshment for the moment.

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