Thursday, June 26, 2014

Revolution Eugene Porter

Revolution Brewing (Chicago, IL) Eugene Porter, 6.8% ABV.

On a chilly, foggy summer day here in Chicago, I was reminded of London, the birthplace of the porter. Porters unloaded ships, which is thirsty work. These laborers quenched their thirst with a dark, smooth ale that subsequently bore their name. Dark, yet smooth, and without the bitterness or heavier body of a stout, the English porter warms the soul.

Since it is currently perfect porter weather, I opted for a local favorite of mine by Revolution. Not to mention, it's about time that I reviewed a beer by these guys being as they make plenty of good stuff (and Revolution was just picked as Chicago's best brewery by the staff of the Reader). Revolution has diverged from the traditional English porter by adding chocolate malt, giving the style an American twist and an impenetrably black appearance. It has a nice head that dissipates quickly. The nose is subtle, with just a hint of maltiness. This porter is also more hoppy than its Old World counterpart. Initially, Eugene Porter is smooth, followed by a hint of chocolate sweetness, then the flavor of roasted malts. Lastly, the hops kick in and provide a nice tingling sensation on the back of the tongue and throat. Even though the weather here in Chicago is lousy, it does provide the perfect compliment to this great porter. And the porter, in turn, makes living in this soupy weather much more bearable.

There are normally more buildings visible back there.