Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Some of you might be wondering why I keep reviewing Pipework's beers, despite the fact that most of them might not be around by the time you decide you want to pick one up. Rather than brewing a steady line up of beers or creating a couple of flagships that consumers will easily recognize and trust, Pipeworks brews many, many things. Some people probably find this frustrating because they can't know if they will be purchasing one of the "good" beers, or getting something they won't like. Among beer geeks, Pipeworks is well known and generally liked. But I think the average beer drinker has not really heard about them, much less tried any of their beers. I drink a lot of their stuff and usually will pick up anything they make that grabs my attention. Oftentimes, I'll pick up a random bomber of something that is not what I usually like to drink just for fun. So just for the reason that I drink a lot of their stuff, it seems worth it to write something. However, the main reason that I review Pipeworks is that I'm hoping that people will come to see that they are very consistently brewing good beer, no matter the style. I'm suggesting to potential drinkers that they take a chance, grab something off the shelf at the liquor store, and give it a shot. The majority of Pipework beers are excellent, and more consumers should know about them.